There is a wealth of information on the traditional music of East Anglia. The most recent articles appear in date/season order.

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Spring 2021

Two Bold Singermen and the English Folk Revival by Bruce Lindsay – Review by Chris Holderness

The Sea Shanty and its East Anglian connections by Debbie Jones, Harwich Shanty Festival

EATMT team up with the Burwell Bash

Remembering Geoff Roberts by Damien Barber

“Step Your Way” with Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe

Autumn/Winter 2020

East Suffolk Country Band – with contributors from far and wide

When Ivy and Albert met Sally – by Sally Barrett

Recollections of Ruth Askew in the Blaxhall Ship – a plea from John Marshall-Potter

Summer 2020

Oral Traditions – by Neil Lanham

East Suffolk Country Band Preview

Spring 2020

Funding news 2020-2021

Mindful Morris for Mayday 2020 – by Rita Gallard

Ian Prettyman

Chris Morley

Winter 2019/20

Traditional Song Forum meeting

STV Filming Take 2

The Brightest of Entertainers – some good news, some sad news

Autumn 2019

Dulcimer Find!

Summer 2019

John Halliday

Hilton’s Hoard