For Hire

Maypole Picture Diss 2007

Currently Available for Hire:
Melodeons/Mini Melodeons
Jig Dolls**

Please email us for the current hire rates and booking information.

We have a maypole for hire for school projects, PTA events, fetes etc. Please note we do not provide a demonstration team of dancers, but do provide some basic instructions in booklet form, and can sometimes provide a tutor.

**Jig Dolls
We have a selection of Jig Dolls available for work in small groups or for demonstration.
We usually arrange for someone to lead a session with Jig Dolls which includes basic instructions and some live or recorded music. 

Since Covid 19, we can offer a Resource Presentation Package for Care Homes to use.  Stowmarket Town Council and The Concertina Charitable Trust have enabled this package to be created and we are grateful to Katie and John Howson, previous Directors of EATMT for creating the presentation.

Jig Dolls are good for all ages, we have used them in workshops with people of all ages from brownie groups to people suffering with dementia or with limited mobility.
The dolls are a fantastic way to include people in music without the need to play and instrument, dance or sing.