Junyi’s Year with a Pokerwork Melodeon

I’m a graduate student studying Documenting Performance at Royal Holloway, and I’ve spent the year learning a few minor tracks for the D and G diatonic button accordion from Ms. Hazel. Hazel is very patient and active. She encouraged me when I was not satisfied or confident with my performance, which is also one of the reasons that inspire me to love learning Melodeon more. I love this little instrument and the style of music it produces because it always reminds me of people dancing together in medieval movies. From the moment I received it, I was willing to practice nursery rhymes (like little Star) on my own. After one year’s study, I fell in love with it and enjoyed the process of learning and playing it. If I can spread it to my country, maybe more people will be interested in it.

This is me recording myself playing Melodeon in this spring.

Junyi Wang, September 2021

Hazel Askew taught Junyi the melodeon as part of a course run by Henry Stobart called Documenting Performance (run at Royal Holloway University London) in which Masters students learn to play an unfamiliar instrument/genre  (and document the process). Students were assessed on their performance in September 2021. EATMT was contacted and Junyi hired one of our D/G melodeons between January and September this year.