East Anglian Traditions

What are the musical traditions of East Anglia?

We’re talking about folk songs, dancing and instrumental music that have been kept alive through an oral tradition. Frequently found in a pub setting, with tunes, songs, dances and chatter all part of the evening.

This page gives you links to various areas of the website which should give you more idea of what it is we’re so anxious to preserve -although that sounds too restrained – really we want to keep it “alive and kicking”!

Much of this information is original research carried out through EATMT community projects.

A guide to our online research articles
For nearly thirty years, the founders of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust have been involved in original research, collecting and recording songs, music, dance and recollections in the eastern counties. Many other folk music collectors have been active in the counties for the last hundred years or so, since a song from Mr Edge, from Wells-next-the-Sea were first noted down in 1897 and published by the Folk Song Society in 1899.

On this website, some of this research, and further historical and social information, is gradually being published. Much of what is here at the moment is recent research, carried out for specific projects since the foundation of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust in 2000.

Our long-term projects include the publication a DVD of stepdancing containing archive footage and the plans for an online publication of Katie and John’s original research into dulcimer makers, players and construction in East Anglia can now be found on a separate site here.  A summary of research undertaken by EATMT and others can be found HERE and another long term project is to archive the Dulcimer notes and correspondence relating to Dr Russell Wortley’s research which was donated to the Trust in 2000.