"Waterbound" by Alden Patterson & Dashwood

Rightly, Alden, Patterson & Dashwood sound like they deeply love what they do. Perfectly sequenced, the recordings flow with the verve and coherence of a well-rehearsed live set; Waterbound is vivid, life-enhancing, and in any rational judgement, essential contemporary folk music. An album that casts light into dark times.

From the Margins

It is [the] faithful capture of their ‘live’ sound that makes ‘Waterbound’ such an exhilarating listen, almost as much a delight as the beautifully balanced track listing. 

David Auckland of Fatea Records

You can purchase a copy of this new CD (£10 plus P&P) from Alden, Patterson and Dashwood’s website.

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One of the most delightful and breezily refreshing acts current treading the folk circuit

Mike Davis, folking.com