Gray's Transcriptions

With Proper Tunes & Directions to each Dance as they may be performed at Court, Bath and all Public Assemblies. BURY St Edmunds. Printed & Sold by J GRAY at all Music Shops

Index of dances and tunes
The key signature given below is as in the original.

When you click through to the individual tune, you will find both the original page (with dance instructions) and, where appropriate, a transcription in a key more likely to find favour with contemporary folk instrumentation. During April 2020, with the help of volunteer Alan Helsdon, these transcriptions are being updated, with errors corrected and in additional keys accessible for instruments with a limited range and key. They are accessible as free downloadable pdfs and each tune has a short sound clip.

If anyone recognises the tunes as versions of something else, or has any additional information, we would love to hear from you- please email us.

PgTitleAttribTimeBarsOld keyNew key(s)
4Argyll Rout (The)6\832GG,D,D,C
2Bury AssemblyJ Reeve2\432GG,D
2Bury Volunteers’ Hornpipe (The)JG4\424FD
11Comet (The)6\832AD
9Dance of Herana2\432FD
10Drops of Old Port (The)2\432CC
1Epping Hunt2\432CD
5Epsom LassSP2\4 32FG,D
6Exciseman’s Rout (The)2\432CC
10First of January 1812 (The)J Reeve6\818AG
12Frank Oatland’s WaltzSP3\416FD,G
9General Graham’s Hornpipe4\432FG,D
5Hamton Court FrolicksJ Craske6\832BbC
8Marshall Baresford’s Fancy2\432CC
7Miss Teptop’s Reel JG4\448BbD
3New Forest (The)2\432FD
6Oakwood House6\832GD
11Old Caledonia (The) (Miss Cate’s Fancy)4\416GG,D
12R L Spencer (The)JC2\432CC
3Savoy (The)2\432FD
4Story GateSP2\432CC
7Trip to Hengrave (A)J Reeve2\432BbD
8Victory (The)6\832BbG
1Windsor Waltz3\448BbD,G