Welcome to The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust

Covid-19 January 2021

An updated note to all of our supporters in this difficult time:  We hope that you continue to  stay safe and well.   

Alex will still be working from home in the main though able to access the office.  Please use the info@eatmt.org.uk email if you want to get in touch.  The Trust phone will be with Alex too and Facebook is another way of keeping in touch (@east trust).   

There continue to be lots of virtual online concerts which have taken place throughout this crisis – it’s great seeing the creative industry finding alternative ways to bring the Arts to us all.  If you are in a position to be able to support these events by putting donations in the various entertainers’ hats, please do.  So many livelihoods continue to be at risk.

We went into December with a glimmer of hope regarding the involvement in programming a live event in collaboration with the John Peel Centre for Independent Venue Week starting 25th January 2021.  After a slight falter following the new late December Lockdown rules, and not to be deterred, this week-long event will still go ahead but online. We are delighted that the final evening of this week (Sunday 31st January 7.30pm) will feature East Anglian singer Nick Hart and East Anglian Storyteller, The Yarnsmith of Norwich.  Keep up to date with how to watch online with the John Peel Centre. 

Working remotely from home mostly, we have continued to utilise these strange times by updating and adding archives to the website.   We have also taken the opportunity to work on the ‘back end’ of the website in order to ensure our hard work and important archives are as protected as well as possible to enable everyone to have an access to them.

Do keep dropping in to see what we are up to.  The next newsletter will be out in March 2021.   If you wish to receive our e-newsletter please sign up HERE.

Our website is a resource for the Traditional Music, Song, Dance and Customs of East Anglia. We promote, research and create projects about traditional music performed in East Anglia in the past as well as looking at how our traditions continue into the 21st Century.

We have historically presented a series of annual events and after a short break due to changes in Directorship, we are pleased to be in a position where we are working to put these back on the calendar from 2021.  Between now and then, you can find out what we have been doing and what we continue to work towards in the shorter term via both our events page and quarterly newsletters.

We also present workshops and demonstrations in the wider East Anglian Community, and further afield. Find out about our live events, workshops, instrument hire, and Friends’ scheme and much more by exploring our site.


Please do consider donating your empty  ink cartridges which many of you will be going through rather more than usual. 

The way this scheme works has changed!  Please note that after the end of 2020, Recycle for Charity will no longer accept the pre paid envelopes.  Instead, you can arrange for a pre paid label directly with the company – you can still select the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust as your chosen charity and instead of £1 per cartridge, we can get as much as £2 so we urge you to continue using this scheme.  There is a minimum number of cartridges you can  send in order to qualify for a free postage label though this generally equates to 2-3 cartridges.  Alternatively, if you are local, please feel free to leave your empty cartridges for us via the Museum of East Anglian Life (but not during Lockdowns).   Every little helps – both the Trust and the environment.  For more information about this scheme, please see https://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/.

Now is also a good time to join the Friends scheme if you are not already a member and would like to help in these difficult times. 

Never was there a better time to learn an instrument and we have several instruments available for HIRE at excellent rates.  Or why not learn some new tunes from our tune book Before the Night Was Out.  Have a look at our SHOP to see what we have in the store.