Some of the following articles about traditional singers and musicians appeared in East Anglian Traditional Music Trust newsletters as the series ‘Personal Portraits’ from 2003 to 2010 regularly, and occasionally after that date. Other profiles since 2017 have been added to include collectors and more recent musicians who are not necessarily given the title “traditional singers” but who none the less have continued to keep the traditional songs, tunes and musical traditions of East Anglia alive.

For ease, this list of Profiles is in alphabetical order and the contributor(s) to each article named. We are very grateful to every contributor who has afforded the time to add their precious memories, recollections and/or personal research.

If you are reading these for academic purposes, please refer to the author as the contributor/writer and EATMT for hosting these profiles.

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James Abbott by Rae Smith, Stephen Matthews & Martin Crix

Cyril Barber by Katie & John Howson

Billy Bennington – Norfolk dulcimer player, by John Howson

Jumbo Brightwell – Suffolk singer, by Chris Foster

Percy Brown – Norfolk melodeon player, by Dave Arthur

Walter and Daisy Bulwer – Norfolk musicians, by Reg Hall

Ted Chaplin – Suffolk singer, by John & Katie Howson

Billy Cooper – Norfolk dulcimer player, by Chris Holderness & Reg Hall

Dave Cooper – Singer, musician and folk club organiser from the mid 1960s until 2020 in London, Nottingham and latterly East Anglia. With contributions from John Heather and Jane Clayton

Harry Cox – Norfolk singer, by Shirley Collins and Chris Heppa

George Craske and Frank Ward – Norfolk melodeon players, by Sue Carlton

Dolly Curtis – Suffolk melodeon player, by Katie Howson

Steve Dumpleton – A fine musician with a particular love of East Anglian Traditional Music and great teacher, by Katie Howson

Hubert Freeman – Suffolk singer, by John & Katie Howson

Harry Green – Essex singer, by John Howson

Bob Hart – Suffolk singer, by Vic Harrup

Tony Harvey – Suffolk singer, by Katie & John Howson

Dick Hewitt – Norfolk stepdancer, by Katie Howson & Peter Clifton

Sam Larner – Norfolk singer, by Martin Carthy

Roy Last – Suffolk singer, by John Howson. See also Village Portrait about Mendlesham and Behind the Song about Roy’s song Peter the Paynter.

Geoff Ling – Suffolk singer, by John Howson

Percy Ling – Suffolk singer, by Taffy Thomas

Des Miller – Musician and Historian: An Appreciation by Chris Holderness

Harkie Nesling – Suffolk fiddler, by Keith Summers

Walter Pardon – Norfolk singer, by Peta Webb

Cecil Pearl – Suffolk melodeon player, by John & Katie Howson

Cyril Poacher – Suffolk singer, by Keith Summers

Ian Prettyman – Lowestoft singer, musician, preacher, teacher and much valued Friend and volunteer of EATMT, with contributions from daughters Carol and Susan, Keith Skipper and Katie Howson.

Reg Reader by Katie & John Howson

Bob Roberts – Suffolk singer, by Jill Bennett & Anne Roberts

Joan Roe – Musician and Folk Song Collector with contributions from Alan Helsdon, Bernadette Bates and Frank Pond

Phoebe Smith – Suffolk singer, by Mike Yates

Gordon Syrett – Suffolk singer, by John Howson. See also Village Portrait about Mendlesham.

Font Whatling – Suffolk melodeon player and stepdancer, by John Howson

Mollie Whitaker – Norfolk dulcimer player, by John & Katie Howson

Fred Whiting – Suffolk singer, fiddler and jig doll maker, by John Howson

Lennie Whiting – Suffolk stepdancer and singer, by Stephen Matthews

Oscar Woods – Suffolk melodeon player, by Roger Digby

Gordon Woods – Suffolk singer, by John Howson


East Suffolk Country Band, various contributors

Old Hat Concert Party, by Katie & John Howson