The Music Box Archive

The Music Box Archive is a new archive of field recordings set up by Megan Wisdom and the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust in 2020.

Comprised of recordings of singers from today’s East Anglian traditional music scene, it aims to build a picture of the folk music in the East as it is now; vibrant, eclectic and alive with traditional songs and tunes. The Music Box Archive intends to bring local musicians, whose contributions to the East Anglian folk scene have kept it alive for decades, to the fore.

The archive is freely accessible to all via the EATMT website. It continues twenty years of work by EATMT in conducting research and gathering resources of traditional folk music in and around East Anglia, aiming to uphold our evolving traditions and record for posterity the wealth of music taking place in our area.

All views presented in singers’ interviews and performances are their own and not necessarily representative of the views of EATMT. Most of the songs within the Archive are traditional, with many being at least a hundred years old. They may reflect attitudes which were prevalent the time but may not considered acceptable today.

Audio is available to download for personal use only. If you wish to use Archive content for any other purpose, please contact

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