Concertinas for Hire

The Duet Maccann and Scarlatti Anglo Concertina available to hire

Our anglo concertinas were added to the Trust’s hire scheme in 2007 and provided by “Jollybox”.

In 2018, a local long standing Friend of EATMT donated a Duet Maccann concertina on a “long term loan” basis to the Hire Library and in February 2022, an English concertina (30 button, Scarlatti) was kindly donated to the Trust’s hire scheme.

English Concertina – Scarlatti 30 button

A one off £10 admin fee and then £10 per month is all it costs to hire any of our instruments. It’s a great opportunity to “try before you buy”. This is particularly useful for wannabe concertina owners given their high value. For more information about the Concertina read HERE.

For information about current availability please contact us.