STV Filming Take 2

EATMT was contacted in August for the second time this year by the television company STV which produces Celebrity Antiques Road Trip and Antiques Road Trip.  This time, for Antiques Road Trip with a spotlight on Stepdancing. We had a very willing bunch of dancers and musicians, meeting at the Royal Oak in Laxfield on a beautiful Summer’s day in the middle of August.  The afternoon of filming started with an interview with Fiona Davies and presenter Raj Bisram while stepdancer Lou Beal stepped in the background.  Then dancing to Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over played by Stephen Matthews, Lennie Whiting demonstrated for Raj and encouraged him to have a go.  The filming ended with musicians Stephen Matthews and David Mitchell playing Golden Slippers eagerly joined by dancers James Abbott, Fiona Davies, Lennie Whiting, Bean Cousins and Nuala Bell.   We don’t yet have the dates for this airing – it’s expected early in the new year. 

Thanks go to the dancers and musicians who dropped everything last minute to join the film crew in the Royal Oak and thanks too for the very hospitable landlord and landlady and staff for helping make the afternoon such a pleasant one.

Photos EATMT with dancers Fiona Davies, Lou Beal, James Abbott, Lennie Whiting, Nuala Bell and Bean Cousins and musicians Stephen Matthews and David Mitchell.