More Than Melodeons

Saturday 28th May 2022
Wingfield Barns, Suffolk

The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust is delighted to be working with long standing supporter Judy Andrews to bring a day of multi instrumental workshops supported by some excellent tutors. We are also working closely with Wingfield Barns, our venue for the day and evening and we are grateful for the support from Acorn Instruments, Mid Suffolk District Council and Andrews Survey & Evaluation Ltd who have enabled the running of this event.

Booking is now open for our day of multi-instrumental workshops and evening concert on Saturday May 28th.

The day consists of 3 workshop times (10-11.30am; 12-1.30pm and 3-4.30pm), 2 sessions – the post workshop session led by local band Tin River and an evening Tutor Concert (7pm-10pm) which takes place in the Great Barn. A small music market will be trading during the day, pre booked lunch is available, there will be a bar/teas/coffees available all day and a local pizza company (The Wild Flour Pizza Company) will be providing supper. Workshops take place at Wingfield Barns and in nearby Wingfield Church.

The Tutors

Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd grew up with traditional music and dance in his native Yorkshire where his father was a dancer with the Grenoside Traditional Sword Dance Team. Dave plays the fiddle that once belonged to Walter Fleetwood, Grenoside’s musician for five decades.

Dave took up the fiddle when he was 12 after his family moved to London and played for morris and country dancing. Later Dave discovered the various European fiddle traditions which led him to see English music and dance in a different light. He is best known as the fiddler in Blowzabella and over the years has developed a distinctive style. Dave is well known as a teacher of traditional dance and fiddle both in the UK and abroad, and several of his compositions have become standards both here and in Europe.

Jack Hogsden

Jack Hogsden is making waves on the folk circuit and is widely known for his work on diatonic button accordions and melodeons.  Utilising styles from various aspects of English traditional dance, he pairs these with tunes from around the world to give dominating arrangements with harmonies found across all genres, including classical and jazz.  It is his use of rhythm, inspired by genres such as reggae, that have made him a highly sought after accompanist, morris player and ceilidh musician.

Janet Koralambe

Janet Koralambe has enjoyed running singing workshops and Community choirs over the last 10 years or so, including the Village Voices choir which meets in Hoxne on a Monday evening. During that time she has also been teaching music in local schools. Janet loves to hear a roomful of people learning and experiencing singing in harmony, especially if it’s the first time for some. Depending on the song, Janet teaches both by ear and by using music.  “We learn differently when learning by ear – it can give us a deeper understanding of the song, even if we struggle with remembering the words sometimes!”  

Sally Barrett

Sally Barrett bought her first English concertina around 1970 and taught herself to play “but remained a not-very-good, ‘at home with nobody listening’ player until 1981 when I ‘came out’ and joined the established ceilidh band, Shinanikins  (We’re still taking bookings!)”. 

Some years later Sally was introduced to concertina group-playing and hasn’t looked back.  In the 90s she joined the West Country Concertina players, regularly attending their residential weekends, firstly as a participant at the more advanced weekends and also in more recent years, tutoring at the weekend for beginner to intermediate level players. She has also tutored post-beginners at their workshops that run alongside Sidmouth Folk Week. 

“I get a huge kick from taking part in residential concertina band weekends for more advanced players”.  Sally is the founder and leader of SqueezEast Concertinas based in Norfolk,  and is also band leader for Fiddlesticks Women’s North West Clog. 

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins can be found playing Anglo concertina at sessions in Norfolk and Suffolk.  He plays for Old School Rapper, Rumburgh Morris and is a regular at the Norwich French Dance and the SqueezEast concertina ensemble. His particular interest is in playing dance tunes played in the harmonic style.

Jill Parson

Jill Parson started playing the D/G melodeon about 30 years ago and has based her style on playing for dancing with a strong emphasis on rhythm and getting toes tapping. As a tutor, she has taught and helped a small group of players every month for two or three years. These now competent players started off as beginners who could play a tune but needed tips, hints and encouragement to get the music to flow. Jill is regularly praised for her patience as a teacher!

In addition to this, Jill mostly plays for dance teams and in pub sessions now, but in the past was in a band working on a musical production of ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ performed at the Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich. 

She is currently developing her interest in playing with others, accompanying singers, exploring harmonies and expanding her repertoire into French and Irish tunes.

Mim Barnes

Mim Barnes says “I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy making music all my life just about; I’m from a large family in which music was normal and everyone sang and played something or another”. She has always been a wind player, playing recorders of various sizes in groups of various sizes and then learning the oboe at high school. In the summer of 1978 Mim wandered into the beer tent at the Raveningham Threshing Fair and encountered a motley band of folk musicians who played every Friday at the Toft Lion In Toft Monks. She went along, one thing led to another and nearly 45 years later, she is here still playing whistles of various sizes and enjoying the friendships and fun the music has brought.

Timetable of the day

Workshops 10am-11.30am

Dave Shepherd – Intermediate/experienced Fiddle Workshop (no beginners)

A fiddle workshop based on English fiddle music with a focus on playing for dancing, and looking at East Anglian repertoire and style as well as general English dance repertoire. Music provided for those that want it, but most tunes will be taught using a combination of teaching by ear and referring to written scores.

Andrew Collins – Post Beginners Anglo Concertina

This workshop is aimed at beginners who have grasped the initial basics, can play a few tunes and want to make a start on learning to be able to play in the harmonic style.

You should be able to work out a simple tune either by ear or from sheet music – and be able to play it through slowly.

In the workshop you will look at how to start adding accompanying notes and chords to a simple tune in C.  You will get a copy of the tune in advance to look at and a sound file to listen to.

Bring : An Anglo concertina in C/G ; pencil and paper

Mim Barnes – Beginners Whistle (in D)

You will need your own whistle in D for this workshop. Mim will work on teaching a simple tune by ear, with some strategies for doing that; you will also learn some ways of joining in when you haven’t quite got all the notes up to speed. Mim will also aim to look at simple ways to make harmonies and will talk about technique – tonguing, slurring, breathing etc.

Workshops 12-1.30pm

Jack Hogsden – Intermediate Melodeon

Jack Hogsden is renowned for his driving melodeon styles, as well as their uses for all forms of English traditional dance, especially Morris. In this intermediate workshop, Jack will be taking you through the manipulation of some of England’s finest dance tunes, and will be looking at rhythms, regional styles, and the differences between traditions, amongst other elements to help give the your tunes the lift, bounce and drive for your session or dance playing.

There is no knowledge of notation required, however some sheet music will be provided on the day.

Jill Parson – Beginning to Improve Melodeon

Jill will be aiming the workshop at people who own their own DG melodeon, have a basic understanding of how it works and are looking for some help towards playing all their tunes with more fluency and perhaps the addition of basses. Others might be just interested in picking up another couple of tunes.

You will be working with two simple folk tunes – one in the key of G (Winster Gallop) and one in D (Hopping down in Kent), for which sheet music will be available both before the workshop and on the day. 

Jill will be teaching the tunes mostly by ear using the sheet music as a support for those who can read it.

Sally Barrett – Improvers English Concertina

The workshop will be aimed at those who can play a bit and read music a bit. So, for those with some experience but looking for a leg-up towards extending the range of known notes, learning techniques to help their playing sound more musical, and additionally learning the skill of playing together with others.  

Sally will be teaching from music which will be given out at the time, so everyone learns together and interprets the music for style, timing, rhythm, etc. in the same way.  The techniques introduced will all be useful whether playing solo party pieces, in pub sessions, accompanying singing, playing for dance, or advanced band-playing. 

Sally doesn’t aim for fast!  But she does aim for fun, enjoyment and a sense of achievement. 

Janet Koralambe – Song Workshop – open to anyone!

My workshop will be open to anyone who’d like to come and sing. I will come with a variety of songs and gauge the number and ability on the day before deciding how many parts we learn. My aim is to make it a fun and uplifting session.

This workshop will take place in Wingfield Church.

Lunch and lunchtime session 1.30-3pm

Liquid refreshments will be available to all and lunch for those who pre book in advance (£6 each). There will be a lunchtime session and a chance to visit the stalls at the music market. For those wanting to experience the beautiful quiet Suffolk countryside, there will be a selection of short walking routes available.

Workshops 3-4.30pm

Dave Shepherd – Ensemble workshop – all instruments – for intermediate and experienced players

All instruments ( music and chords provided) welcome. Dave will be working on English traditional dance music focusing on types of dance tune and rhythm, particularly in connection with East Anglian dances.

Jack Hogsden – Advanced Melodeon

In this advanced melodeon workshop, Jack will be taking you through the aesthetic interrelations within regional traditional music, and the use of polyrhythmic emphases, counter melody, as well as improvisational techniques for tune manipulation, all whilst staying true to the territorial traditions. This workshop will also take you through the utilisation of other musical styles and genres to influence the delivery of your music, as well as show you how to make any tune sound unique to you, the player. A knowledge of sheet music is advised, though not necessary for this workshop. All notation will be provided on the day.

Andrew Collins – Improvers Anglo Concertina

This workshop is aimed at players who can play a few tunes and want to learn/improve techniques for playing in the harmonic style.

We will look at adding accompaniment to one or more simple tunes in C and G.  You will get copies of tunes in advance to look at, and sound files to listen to.

You should be able to work out easy tunes either by ear or from sheet music  – and be able to play them (it doesn’t need to be fast). 

Bring : An Anglo concertina in C/G ; pencil and paper 

Mim Barnes – Intermediate Whistle (in D)

In this workshop Mim will look at how to take a tune on to the next level when you know it well; ornamentation and improvising harmonies. We’ll start by learning a really simple tune so we can all work with the same one, and then aim to progress with any tunes people might suggest that they want to elevate.

4.30-7 Session led by Tin River, Supper (made to order on the night – Pizza and salads), Free time

7-10pm Tutor Concert in the Great Barn

Tickets and pricing structure

Booking in advance is essential – there will be a number limit on a number of workshops so book early to avoid disappointment.

You are welcome to take part in one, two or all three workshops – £15 per workshop or all three for £40 for Friends of EATMT/£42 for non members.

The evening concert ticket is priced at £12 for Friends of EATMT and £15 for non members.

A special combined price is on offer if you are attending all three day workshops and the evening concert. £50 (Friends of EATMT)/£55 (non Friends).

How to book

Please complete the downloadable booking form below and return by email to or by post to EATMT, RED GABLES, IPSWICH ROAD, STOWMARKET, SUFFOLK IP14 IBE. Cheques made payable to EATMT or you can make payment online via bank payment – details can be found on the booking form.

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