Milkmaid Molly Need YOU!

A Plea for Musicians

Milkmaid Molly

Milkmaid Molly’s whole ethos is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people to enrich their lives through the joy of music and movement in the world of folk and Morris.

Milkmaid Molly have a core of people with various disabilities who are encouraged and helped by more able, fitter dancers.

We, of course, cannot dance without music, therefore this is a request to any musicians within reach of Bury St Edmunds to come along and offer a little of your time to play for us. We will all be so grateful to anyone who is able who can spare a few hours, even just one Thursday now and again. 

This is how the group operates. Between 7.10 and 8.15 pm the less able dancers, the Mollies, are guided through dances by the fitter members, the Buddies. At a quarter past eight the Mollies leave for their various homes and the Buddies practice some more energetic and complex dances till around 09.30, when they too go home.

We also welcome anyone who can be of help with guiding the Mollies in dancing.  Assisting the Mollies does not mean you have to be super fit or have any dance experience. The help is needed to partner them on the dance floor.

We feel it is beneficial and therefore important to allow time for the whole group, musicians and dancers, to have a chance to chat and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a bar, not only serving alcohol and snacks but hot drinks too.

We recently celebrated ten very successful years of the group’s existence. During those years we have all formed strong friendships and had great fun every practice.

Please come along and give us a try one week and see how good it feels giving a little of your time to this special group of Morris enthusiasts.

We hold practices every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at Risbygate Sports Club, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RR beginning at 7 pm. But even if you can’t commit to every practice your time at any of them will be much appreciated.

For further details please contact Gill Bosley or Penny Lury

Thank you.  We look forward to meeting you. Jan Robinson

Milkmaid Molly will be among a number of dance sides joining us on Saturday 2nd September 2023 for EATMT’s Traditional Music Day.