Barrie Askew

2nd October 1939 – 4th February 2023


Seven Hills Crematorium, Ipswich, 28th February 2023

Music, song and dance friends from across Suffolk and beyond joined Barrie’s family and wider circle of friends and acquaintances to fill the room. Barrie (aka Bazza) was carried in to the ‘Bear Dance‘ tune played on melodeons by Martin Crix, Lindsay Want, Judy Andrews and Alex Goldsmith. Barrie had enjoyed attending the annual Straw Bear Festival at Whittlesey for many years, often with Old Glory Molly Dancers and Musicians, and this was a favourite event of his.

The assembled company heard stories from Barrie’s life on the Shotley Peninsula, including his days working as at HMS Ganges and in local schools, marrying Lynda and bringing up their three children, and his involvement with Morris dancing, drum making and music. A photo montage put together by the family, to the tune Ashokan Farewell, showed a love for his family and a love of life. Bazza in a grey top hat with coloured ribbons, and a twinkle in his eye towards the camera, showed him on great form.

Barrie’s band mates from the Quay Street Whalers, Paul Allen, Mark Smy, Alvar Smith and Martin Crix, then invited everyone to join in Fiddlers’ Green with them, before the final words from Civil Celebrant Jill Mayes and a last couple of tunes, Princess Royal and Speed the Plough.

A fine reception followed at Brantham Bull with many more songs and tunes from Barrie’s friends.

Barrie Charles Askew (Bazza)

Eammon Andrews for EATMT 5th March 2023