Saturday 10th September Afternoon Concerts at Traditional Music Day 22

There is a rich tapestry of talent to tantalise your ears with your Saturday day ticket!

Day ticketed events take place at the John Peel Centre (from 10.30am), British Legion (starting at 2.15pm), Stowmarket Scout Centre (from 11.15am), St Peter’s & St Mary’s Church (2.30-5pm) and Stowmarket Library (4.30-6pm)SPACES PERMITTING.

Line up subject to change.

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Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Rakes and Misfits – Cohen will be performing songs and tunes from his second album in the Scout Centre on Saturday afternoon at 3.15pm-4pm. Ticketed Event.

You can catch Cohen again at the John Peel Centre for the evening concert at 7.30pm. Evening Ticketed Event.

Tony Hall & The Von Krapp Family Band

Join Tony and his Von Krapp Family band for an afternoon’s entertainment in the John Peel Centre at 3pm-5pm. Ticketed Event.

Belinda Kempster & Fran Foote

English Country Songs from Essex – Meet Belinda and Fran in the British Legion on Saturday afternoon. Introduced by Mike Norris. You can catch them here at 2.15pm-3pm (ticketed event) and again in the Library at 7.30pm (evening ticket required).

Liz Giddings & Roger Digby

Join Liz, Roger, Peta, Ken and Mr Walsh’s Wonders for an afternoon concert in the British Legion at 3.30pm-4.45pm. With MC Shirley Harry. Ticketed Event

You can catch them again in the evening: Liz and Roger feature in the John Peel Centre evening concert at 7.30pm (Ticket required), Peta and Ken are hosts for the Evening With…in the Library at 7.30pm (Ticket required) and Mr Walsh’s Wonders are running the session in the Pallet Bar at 7.30pm (this is a FREE event).

Peta Webb & Ken Hall

Peta and Ken feature in the afternoon concert in the British Legion at 3.30pm-4.45pm and are hosts for An Evening With…in the Library at 7.30pm. Ticketed Events.

Peta and Ken have run the London Musical Traditions Club for many years, a club renowned for presenting “the finest traditional singers in a friendly and appreciative atmosphere”.

Mossy Christian

Come Nobles and Heroes– Traditional songs and tunes from Lincolnshire. Mossy Christian showcases his 2021 album of the same name in the Church, 4.15pm-5pm.
Ticketed Event.

Mossy pairs up with Megan Wisdom for the evening concert in the John Peel Centre at 7.30pm (evening ticket required) and he also will be running his stall “One Row Records” which he is sharing with Katie Howson and “Veteran Records” in the Church Grounds.

Potiphar’s Apprentices At Vaughan Williams’ Folk Launch

Potiphar’s Apprentices will be performing in Stowmarket Parish Church at midday until 2pm for the launch of the EATMT’s Vaughan Williams’ Folk project. This is a FREE event.

Sound Tradition

An hour of Big Chorus Singing 2.30pm3.30pm in Stowmarket Parish Church – Come and join Sound Tradition, East Anglia’s finest harmony group, in an hour of rousing chorus songs – and even some shanties; a wonderful chance to immerse yourself in the sheer joy of musical togetherness. Ticketed Event.


Introduced by Mike Acott, Mollyhawks will be our final act performing in the British Legion on Saturday late afternoon (5pm-6pm).

John and Sue Griffiths have been singing together for 30+ years as a duo, a trio and as Mollyhawks, originally a nine piece outfit, since 1996. As well, as organising the music for Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival, they have run folk clubs and sung at folk and maritime festivals, yacht clubs and for various events across the UK and Europe, including performing as shantymen on tall ships.

Largely singing acapella, they have a huge repertoire of folk songs and songs of the sea and relish sharing their music and knowledge with audiences anywhere. TICKETED EVENT

Racker Donnelly and Emma Scarr

Join Racker Donnelly and Emma Scarr for some musical Storytelling in the Library 4.30pm-5.15pm – via your day ticket and catch them again in the Library as part of the Evening With…. event from 7.30pm. Evening Ticket Required. *Emma is replacing Jacquelyn Hynes who is unable to attend. Best wishes from us all.