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Suffolk traditional tunes


This set list of instrumental medleys was produced for use as a community music resource on St Edmund's Day (23rd November) 2009. Together they make a good representation of traditional music from Suffolk, usually played on melodeon and dulcimer, with maybe a concertina or fiddle.


Each link below takes you to a page with the score written out and further information about the tune.


We'd like you to use these resources, but we'd like it even more if you contact us to let us know and tell us about your project!


All these tunes would normally be played in C.


Dennington Polka

Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over


Heel and Toe Polka

Seamo's Polka


Jump on the Wagon

Dennington Bell


Owl's Green Hornpipe

Cecil Pearlís Hornpipe


Woodland Flowers 

Oscarís Jig


Waltz Veleta


Further information about these tunes and the style of music, plus the history behind them, is to be found in our book Before the Night Was Out, available from our online shop.